As many developing countries are undergoing an epidemiological transition the incidence of communicable disease will decrease and the incidence of non-communicable disease, particularly cancer, will rise. To combat this, the GO Collaborating and Advising Portal (CAP) Project was initiated in January 2014. GO CAP aims to connect oncologists in Boston in with treating providers in resource-poor areas in order to improve disparities in global cancer care. Using a platform powered by Medting and Best Doctors, providers abroad can upload any challenging cases that have been presented in their practice. The uploaded case includes a clinical summary along with any multimedia, such as lab reports or pathology images, which may be useful for the consulting provider. Based on the type of cancer presented, the case is given to a corresponding consulting oncologist based in Boston.

As of August 2014 there has been a number of meaningful case discussions made possible by the GO CAP project in countries such as Nepal, Mexico, and Vietnam. In the coming months GO CAP hopes to expand its reach and solicit difficult cases from even more treating providers. This novel project provides affordable consultation to providers who may not have been able to treat an otherwise complex case. Over time health systems in developing countries will continue to improve; providers will be able to recognize and treat difficult cancer cases. In the meantime, GO CAP acts as an invaluable resource for providers that would benefit from guidance within the field.

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