Tech Team Member

Job type: Volunteer

General Description

GO is seeking to immediately engage a volunteer who can provide ongoing technical support with organizational systems including the GO website, hosting platform, and CRM (customer relationship management system). The successful volunteer will become fully knowledgeable with GO's technical systems and needs, continually aim to maximize efficiency and sustainability, make proposals for improvements, and field questions from the organization.

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • 2-4 hour weekly commitment
  • Promptly field technical questions from the organization
  • Assist in supervising GO's CRM design and launch
Skills and Qualifications
  • Two years experience in a work environment
  • Ideally a candidate will live in the Boston area
  • Experience using the Salesforce CRM preferred

Application Process

  • Submit a CV/resume and brief statement of interest to
  • Sign up here and indicate your interest in this position in the last section of the form