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We invite you to join Global Oncology (GO) to celebrate the work we hold so dear — bringing the best in cancer care to underserved patients globally. On Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 8:00 PM in New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, we will once again be partnering with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO) for a fundraising concert. Proceeds from the concert will benefit GO.

We are very pleased to announce that Luke Evnin, PhD and Ansbert Gadicke, MD, co-founders and Managing Directors of MPM Capital, will receive our Global Oncology Visionary Award at this event. Luke, Ansbert and their teams on both coasts work with leading scientists to create companies that seek to address unmet needs and change the face of medicine across all therapeutic areas. Recently our honorees worked with UBS to create a social impact investment fund, The Oncology Impact Fund, that invests in breakthrough oncology therapeutics and dedicates a portion of its profits to cancer research as well as to cancer care access in developing countries.


A registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to address disparities in access to cancer care, Global Oncology recently launched The GO Map,, the first of its kind, interactive online platform that catalogs cancer research, care, and outreach efforts and enables collaboration and knowledge sharing. For more information about GO’s initiatives that have already had an impact, please visit

You can help now by sponsoring this great event. The attached sponsorship information outlines opportunities for you or your institution to offer support. Please respond early to this invitation so that your or your institution’s name can appear in the publicity in the months leading up to the concert. For further information about sponsorship, please contact Jane Craycroft, GO Advisor, at Individual concert tickets may be purchased via

Your sponsorship will enable us to work towards bringing the best in cancer care to underserved patients globally. Together we can make a difference and save more lives.