What inspired you to volunteer with GO?

I am a Medical Cytologist currently working in Uganda. I have interest in cancer prevention and early diagnosis and treatment. I first heard about GO through newsletters from Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center in September 2017. What inspired me most was that GO was working to improve the outcomes of cancer treatment especially in low and income countries through initiatives like provision of Cancer Education Materials. I began volunteering with GO in October 2017.

What is your role as a GO volunteer?

As a GO volunteer, my focus has primarily been in Uganda. My role is to coordinate the translation and dissemination new versions of GO Cancer Education Materials (CEM). I also participate in adding local projects, events, and news/blogs to The GO Map website. In addition, I work promote the GO Map locally to increase the number of users and posts from Uganda.

When you’re working on a GO project, what most energizes you and why?

The GO team consists of people from various disciplines working from within different regions. I love the fact that the team of volunteers is able to carry on various tasks irrespective of the geographical regions each volunteer is working from.

What do you gain from this experience?

The experience of working remotely with colleagues from different geographical regions is invaluable to me. I have learned a lot and yet to learn more from the multi-disciplinary team of volunteers.

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