I started working with GO in the summer of 2017. I am currently a first-year MPH student at Boston University.

What inspired you to volunteer with GO?

After attending the Global Oncology Benefit in October 2016 and reading about the organization’s work, I reached out to GO to see how I could be involved. I was impressed by GO’s tangible impact on communities across the globe and the focus on collaborative work.

What is your role as a GO volunteer?

As a volunteer, my work focuses on the GO Cancer Education Materials, which were first developed in Malawi. The goal of the Cancer Education Materials is to help patients understand the treatment they are going through to promote higher self-efficacy and adherence to treatment. As we try to make the education materials available to a larger audience, sites around the world are facing challenges with the implementation process of these educational pamphlets. Over the past couple of months, I have been developing an implementation protocol and a monitoring questionnaire so that our future partner sites can use our materials more easily!

When you’re working on a GO project, what most energizes you and why?

I love that everybody whom I interact with through GO is so invested in the work. Additionally, it is inspiring to see the impact of the organization and to work with teams around the world. For example, in only a few months I have been in contact with teams in Boston, Ireland, and Nigeria!

What do you gain from this experience?

I am interested in pursuing a career in program design and implementation for chronic diseases at the global level. Volunteering with GO has allowed me to meet amazing people and gain fantastic experience working on program design and evaluation!

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