Franklin Huang Sendoff – Boston to Bay Area

Pictured above: "GO-riginals" present at the Boston sendoff, from left: Mounica Vallurupalli, Franklin Huang, Ilyana Rosenberg, Anna Norcross, Maia Olsen and Adam Lessard

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Below: Speech to Franklin Huang, MD PhD, on the occasion of his move from Boston to the West Coast - by Anna Norcross, GO Volunteer (2012-Present)

Typically, Ami would have the last word. I'm going to take full advantage of her West Coast address, and tell my version of the story of GO and the two visionaries who made it happen -- focusing on the one we have here today: Dr. Franklin Huang.

Hematology/Oncology is a demanding specialty. You got that PhD on top of the MD. You worked in the clinic and the lab. You have a family that has gone from three to five.

You still somehow saw that patients and caregivers around the world are your patients and your colleagues. So you sat down in the fellows room with Ami and started to hash it out. Access to care -- to complex, specialized, life-changing / life-saving diagnoses and treatments -- for everyone, regardless of geography, race/ethnicity, income, gender -- everyone.

You saw the potential in the Boston community. You saw the role of physicians and nurses and social workers, but also the admins and techies and students. You knew from the beginning that it was about community -- about awareness and information... about the global needs, but also the opportunities to make a difference. It was never top-down. It was always about listening to the caregivers and the patients -- and matching as many resources as you could with those needs and wants.

Each Partners institution hosted a GO Talk, and each - not counting HSPH - had over a hundred attendees. We never needed to go back. The energy and expertise were already there; they just needed to see a way forward.

You sat with the top executives and the first year med students. Talks turned into projects turned into careers. You always put mentorship at the forefront, and your mentees quickly became mentors.

It's truly amazing to witness this amazing community here today, and all those who would be here if they could, whose lives have been touched.

You and Ami built a community, a movement. I will always feel honored to say "I was there. I know your journey. I know the depth and breadth of what you've accomplished."

Franklin, you are one of the best human beings I have ever met, worked with, or called a friend. On behalf of everyone at Partners and GO's past, present, and future, I'd like everyone to raise a glass -- or gesture like you're holding a glass -- for a toast. To Franklin. Cheers.