Jake Lattin


As an undergraduate student preparing for a career in medicine, I was looking to find opportunities for meaningful volunteer work. When a friend of mine met representatives from Global Oncology at an international cancer research conference and became involved with some of their projects, I asked him if I could participate. He then introduced me to GO and invited me to join him on a project to improve cancer dialogue in underserved areas of the world. Having spent the prior year performing cancer research, I was very interested in making a contribution to cancer care efforts outside of research and was excited be a part of an international effort.

For my first year with GO, I worked with a team of undergraduate students to collect stories from around the world about people's experiences with cancer. Having lived in Peru from 2012-2014, I was able to contact and interview many helpful Peruvians to learn more about the understanding and treatment of cancer in some of the rural areas I had lived in, with the goal of increasing public awareness of the need for better cancer care. 
After this first year, I had the opportunity to direct the development of the first undergraduate chapter for the Global Oncology Young Professional Alliance, which was established at Brigham Young University in 2017. At BYU we now have a formal organization comprised of student leaders and faculty members, and work to provide meaningful volunteering, research, mentoring, and education opportunities to students interested in cancer. Our goal is to aid GO by preparing students to make lasting contributions to cancer care in their respective professions.
It has been an awesome opportunity to participate with a variety of projects for Global Oncology. GO connects individuals with the tools they need to make a more lasting and powerful impact on cancer care throughout the world. I have the opportunity to speak with and work with other student volunteers, and it's inspiring to see the change that a small, driven group of people can make on the world around them. Because I was working to create a new student organization, there was also a great need for collaboration and creativity. Many people contributed brilliant ideas and donated time from their busy work and school schedules, helping plan and carry out campus wide events, forums, and fundraisers. I have been inspired and motivated by the positive environment of altruistic individuals fostered by Global Oncology.
Volunteering with GO has provided me with many opportunities for leadership and growth. I was able to work with GO to develop a vision for the Young Professionals Alliance for undergraduates, and then recruit and work with an excellent group of students to make our vision a reality. It has been exciting to work with talented and passionate people who are willing to be mentors and leaders to other students hoping to prepare for careers in the world of cancer healthcare. 

Thanks, Jake, for bringing life to GO in Provo, Utah!

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