Kate Samuelson


Volunteering for childhood cancer causes inspired my interest in global cancer. Throughout undergraduate and graduate school, I have been studying cancer care, global health, and comparative health systems. In the process, I came across GO and saw an unmet need for its work – especially the GO Map. I was excited to find an organization working on issues I care about and wanted to help.

I support GO’s blog and news pages and assist with design work. I hope this will help keep the global oncology community up to date with relevant activities around the world.

The most energizing thing is seeing the community come together. Reducing cancer disparities is an incredibly important and massive task. Uniting scholars, students, organizations, and the general public can accelerate universal cancer prevention and high-quality care. I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this positive change.

Volunteering for GO is a great way to connect with people who are interested in global health equity and cancer care. It has made me aware of many role models and new developments in the field. It is also empowering to find peers who also care deeply about GO’s mission.

Kate, you're GO's UK connection, and we count on you! Thank you!

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