Mohana Roy

Mohana Roy 2019 Pic

Being a clinical fellow in hematology and oncology at a major academic cancer center in the United States- I have access to the most advanced treatment options for cancer patients. However what struck me is that cancer does not discriminate among people, and almost all cases are from random changes in our body. I recognized the growing disparities in this field- with access to care, especially abroad, and wanted to volunteer and contribute to the mission of improving care beyond those who have ready access. 

I have helped in the programmatic aspect of reviewing materials from a clinician point of view- especially with interest in processes and implementation. 

Having broad impact from a distance, even if I am not physically at a site is very meaningful

 I hope to continue contributing to the GO mission and build on especially the ways we measure success in our various projects. 

Thank you, Mohana, for your incredible leadership!

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