Bokang Rabasha


I discovered GO the summer of 2014, at a time when I was actively looking for volunteering opportunities. I picked GO because of the work they were doing in Malawi, and as a citizen of Botswana I wanted to volunteer for an organization that did work in Africa. Most importantly I was attracted to the fact that GO is an organization that actively engages its partner sites, and instead of coming in to "save the day" there is an emphasis on closely working with the partners in LMIC towards sustainable solutions.

I lead and organize tumour boards between Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QECH), an oncology referral hospital in Malawi, and Boston-based physicians. I am also involved with other efforts in the collaboration including a project to improve the videoconferencing infrastructure at QECH.

The possibilities; especially with the project that I work on where there is so much space to grow and so much potentially impactful work to be done. While this can be daunting, it is encouraging to know that what we are doing could measurably and positively affect the incredible work that the QECH physicians already do.

The experience of working in the global oncology space in of itself has been incredible. This is a rare opportunity and it has been a great learning curve about the possibilities and limitations of trying to do this work. The knowledge that we will not always achieve what we planned for has been grounding and allows me to approach my life and any future endeavors with more knowingness.

Thank you, Bokang, for your incredible service and dedication to GO's mission. Your leadership has helped GO engage successfully in needed knowledge exchange between oncologists in Boston and Malawi.

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