Garrity_Headshot_Jul 2018

Phil Garrity

Program Officer
Phil Garrity started as Program Officer for Global Oncology in July 2018 and is focusing on programmatic, operational and development efforts in support of GO’s mission to improve access to cancer care worldwide. Phil began his global health career with the NGO, Partners In Health (PIH), working on the Monitoring, Evaluation & Quality team to facilitate data-driven program improvement at PIH’s sites in Latin America and Africa. Following his own cancer experience, he pursued a Master's degree at Harvard Divinity School where his studies focused on the existential, spiritual, and psycho-emotional dimensions of illness experience. During that time, he returned to PIH to lend technical expertise to their Cross-site Oncology Program in standardizing treatment and care pathways for cancer programs in Haiti and Rwanda, with a particular focus on palliative care and pain management services for patients with terminal illness. Garrity, PS. “Bone of my Bones.” The Lancet. March 2016. (PDF attached) Garrity, PS. “Measuring the Immeasurable.” Poverty/Privilege: A Reader for Writers. Oxford Press, 2014. (Link)