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Having worked in a drug discovery lab at the National Cancer Institute in the year between college and medical school, my initial background in oncology came from a basic science perspective. When I arrived at Harvard Medical School, I learned more about GO through the Global Oncology-Young Professionals (GO-YP) group at one of the student activities fairs during our first few weeks. I was immediately intrigued and joined GO to learn more about global disparities in cancer care and learn what physicians can do to address these disparities.

As one of the co-leaders of the HMS GO-YP branch during 2017-2018, I helped organize panels, case seminars, movie screenings, and mentorship events for students at HMS, ranging from a panel of visiting fellows from Egypt at DFCI/BCH to student-led discussions about global oncology. GO-YP works to spread awareness regarding global and national disparities in cancer care to students in the Boston area and beyond.

When working on a GO project, the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals and volunteers in the field, as well as to spread GO’s mission, motivates me most. While working with GO through the GO-YP branch this past year, seeing the excitement of physicians and other professionals in this field at each event, as well as the opportunities to make change that they discussed, kept me excited to work with GO.

While working with GO, I learned a great deal regarding the true extent of cancer disparities in the world. I had the opportunity to meet and work with many engaging, passionate mentors and hear more about their efforts to make change in global oncology. I hope to keep in touch with these mentors and spread GO’s message as I continue my medical career.

Stephanie Leigh Alden
MD Candidate 2021
Harvard Medical School

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