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ANNOUNCEMENT: Visiting Professorship in Translational Pathology and Biobanking

The Walther Cancer Foundation (WCF), in collaboration with the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center and the Academic Modeling Providing Access to HealthCare (AMPATH), a partnership between Moi University School of Medicine and Moi Teaching (MUSOM) and Referral Hospital (MTRH), is pleased to announce an opportunity for a Visiting Professorship in Translational Pathology and Biobanking.

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Our long term goal is to optimize the translational pathology and biobanking capacities at AMPATH. One of the key factors in the success and sustainability of other aspects of AMPATH has been the institutional commitment from both Kenyan and North American institutions to this partnership. This includes the long term support of IU (and other North American) medical faculty stationed on the ground in Kenya. Using this successful model, we believe that Translational Pathology could be substantially enhanced by a linked academic partnership with North American clinical or surgical pathology faculty who can serve on ground.

>>The Visiting Professor will serve and perform the following aims and goals:
Aim 1: To develop a new shared facility in Biobanking and Pathology

To build this core to its greatest potential, we would propose to identify and to partially support a North American Pathologist with experience in surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry and biobanking to serve as an on ground consultant to the Kenyan faculty. We have identified Kenyan pathologists (Drs. Patel, Lotodo, Nalianya and Busiba) to oversee the development of a new, shared core facility in Pathology and Biobanking.


The WCF Visiting Professor will conduct a series of interviews with key stakeholders related to the specific needs for translational pathology and biobanking.
The Professor will work with existing staff and AMPATH leadership to delineate obstacles and opportunities to grow this core and enhance services.
Aim 2: To increase the workforce capacity for translational pathology research and education.

We will employ a multi-pronged approach to increase the capacity of a well-trained NCD workforce with our partners in Kenya. Medical Oncology and Gynecologic-Oncology curricula have been developed that will provide trainees a comprehensive training in cancer biology, diagnosis and treatment. This curriculum will have sections on pathology and translational research for which we would expect that this visiting faculty would actively participate. To facilitate long distance consultations of difficult pathological cases, the WCF Professor will also help establish a multi-institutional telepathology program using experts throughout the AMPATH-Oncology Partnership. We fully expect that by sharing this expertise, AMPATH-Oncology will expand the opportunities to secure extramural funding and long-term career opportunities for Kenyans.


To develop a telepathology program that will serve as a platform for translational research, education and care.
Establish a weekly teleconference with pathologists from the North American Partnership that will identify key cases in common malignancies (e.g. breast, cervical, lymphoma and leukemia)
To augment translational research in these aforementioned diseases as a focus for the NCI P20 Planning grant for Regional Centers of Research Excellence.
Assist in the development of a comprehensive cancer-focused pathology service that will serve the catchment area of western Kenya and become a credible resource for peer-reviewed research opportunities.
Establish a viable and secure biobank for AMPATH-Oncology. This will be linked with clinical records for annotation and will comply with established ethical and privacy records for both US and MUSOM/MTRH
To begin a comprehensive training program for pathology with a focus on hematologic and oncologic diseases. This will provide a footprint that will be integrated into an AMPATH-Oncology Training Institute that will allow certificate and diploma that will be recognized in Kenya and other sub-Saharan countries.
This program will provide travel and support to spend time on the ground (e.g. 3-6 months) for AMPATH-Oncology for a mid to senior level pathologist who has had administrative training developing pathology services ,or a Pathology Fellow or junior faculty who demonstrates an interest in global health as a career opportunity would also be considered.

>>To be eligible, applicants will:
Have a primary appointment as assistant professor or clinical assistant professor, or associate professors or clinical associate professors within 3 years of their promotion.
Have formal training in clinical and/or anatomical pathology
Have approval from supervisor to spend necessary time abroad
>>Applications will:
Be due on July 14, 2017
What should be included?

Personal statement addressing capabilities and motivations for becoming a Visiting Professor
NCI Biosketch, including any prior experience in global health, if applicable. (Note: prior experience is not a prerequisite)
>>Review criteria include:
Strength of the candidate with respect to training and clinical experience in clinical and/or anatomic pathology
Leadership and team building capability for low to middle income country
Likelihood for advancement in scholarship activities for global health, especially pathology
Likelihood to establish a favorable impact upon building of a translational pathology program through AMPATH.
Applications should be sent to Elizabeth Parsons via email (eparsons@iupui.edu) as a PDF file containing the complete application.

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