GO-Young Professional Alliance

The Global Oncology-Young Professional Alliance, a.k.a GO-YP and formerly Students for Global Oncology, was founded in 2013 by Harvard Medical School students to enhance HMS student life by providing an opportunity to learn and explore global health opportunities in oncology and palliative care.

The central mission of our group remains to increase awareness of the burden of cancer throughout the world and the possibility of prevention and treatment, to advocate for more equitable and sustainable health systems, and to take action through volunteerism and scholarly projects.

Since its inception, we have organized a number of programs and initiatives in support of this mission including a case-based seminars series, which allows students and faculty to discuss problems and solutions in global oncology, expert interviews of leading researchers in the field and the first ever student-organized global cancer care symposium attended by hundreds of researchers, global health experts, students and trainees from around the world.

Our organization continues to grow to involves students and trainees across the country. GO-YP invites you to join as we raise awareness, advocate, and take action on cancer care in resource-limited settings. Email us at studentsforgo@gmail.com

GO-YP Website: globaloncyp.org

Listing of opportunities for early career oncology clinicians

Collection of interviews, seminars, and other materials generated by our very active members

Series of case seminars & interviews with professionals in the field discussing oncological treatment around the world